What is the Nebraska Legends Scholarship Program?
The Nebraska Legends Scholarship Program supports recruitment and retention of top students, and is a critical piece of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's efforts to reach an enrollment of 30,000 students. Bringing the brightest students to UNL is so important to Chancellor Harvey Perlman that UNL is matching scholarship donations, so your gift goes farther. In addition, 20 percent of your gift will be used for student recruitment. To donate, click here.

Who are the Nebraska Legends Scholars?
The recipients of these scholarships are referred to as the Nebraska Legends Scholars. Once at UNL, they participate in a program designed to help them become engaged with UNL, find academic success, make friends and become involved in campus life.

What do Nebraska Legends Scholars do?
Once at UNL, the students attend exclusive Legends Scholars events, meet periodically, one-on-one, with the program coordinator, and receive a complimentary one-year membership in Scarlet Guard, UNL's Student Alumni Association.  These activities give students better access to campus resources, allow for networking opportunities and promote campus involvement. The desired outcome is to increase retention and strengthen ties to UNL.

The program coordinator is Kim Schumacher (kschumacher@huskeralum.org or 402-472-8914). To read more about program requirements, click here.

Does the Nebraska Legends Program really work?
Yes! The proof is in the numbers:

  • Since the first Legends Scholars class in 2011-12 (79 students), the program has grown by nearly 500 percent to 391 this year, or nearly 10 percent of the 2013-14 freshman class.
  • Nebraska Legends Scholars are out-pacing their classmates, with an average GPA of 3.42 (2012-13) compared to the average UNL freshman GPA of 2.86 (2011-12) and 2.84 (2012-13).
  • The Nebraska Legends 2011-12 retention was 92.4 percent (73 out of 79 students), and the 2012-13 retention rate was nearly 90 percent (118 out of 132 students) compared to the all-university freshman class retention rate of 84 percent.  
  • The Legends are connecting with UNL outside the classroom. In 2012-13, the 132 Nebraska Legends Scholars represented more than 150 campus organizations, averaging 3.2 organizations per student. With nearly 400 students in this year's class, the Legends' impact should be even greater.

Feedback from students is equally encouraging. Check out what these 2013-14 Legends Scholars have to say about the program:

"Right away, at the first event, I was put into smaller groups and it felt like a family. This scholarship has opened doors for me and has made transitioning into college way easier."
- David Safarik, freshman pre-health major, Hyannis, Neb.

"The monthly meetings give me a time to talk about what's going on in my life, what I'm stressed about, and what I am enjoying on and off of campus. It has helped me with my transition from high school to college, especially with figuring out how to keep track of my busy schedule."
- Ahren Moydell, freshman athletic training major, Parker, Colo.

"Some people say you are on your own once you get to college, but you are never truly alone when you are part of this amazing program. The Legends program has made me feel at home and given me a place at UNL."
- Jenna Schweiss, freshman fisheries and wildlife major, Gettysburg, S.D.

"I have really enjoyed meeting with Kim, my Legends adviser, who is very friendly, helpful and I can tell she is invested in my academic success. It is nice knowing that I have someone who I can ask for advice and who will hold me accountable in my goals and academics. My meetings with Kim and my small group activities never fail to make me smile and always brighten my day."
- Claire Salem, freshman Management major from Omaha, Neb.

Make a Difference
The Legends program is made possible by generous alumni and friends, as well as the 20 Nebraska Alumni Association chapters that have established Legends scholarships. A gift of $1,250 provides the UNL Office of Admissions $250 for student recruitment and a $1,000 student scholarship, which is then matched dollar-for-dollar by the UNL Chancellor's Office.  

Alumni and friends interested in contributing to the program should contact Andy Greer (agreer@huskeralum.org or 888-353-1874) for more information.