Go Big Green

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NCC Answers Campus Recycling Challenge


"Go Big Red" may be the quintessential cheer of the Husker nation, but in recent weeks, members of the Nebraska Champions Club (NCC) seem to be singing to the tune of "Go Big Green!"

Since football season began, Nebraska Champions Club members and guests have collected nearly 1,400 pounds of trash for recycling. Their efforts are part of the campus-wide recycling campaign, "Go Green for Big Red."  The initiative began four years ago as a coordinated effort among all Big Ten institutions to clean up their acts with regards to campus.

"'Go Green for Big Red' is an excellent statement of the university's sustainability mission. Our faculty, staff and students care for the environment and are willing to contribute their valuable time for the sake of environment," said Shrestha Prabhakar, a coordinator for UNL Recycling.

It works like this: Tailgaters are handed a green recycling bag as they drive into the NCC (bags are also available at the Guest Services station in the Southwest corner of the Plaza).  At the end of the day, volunteers walk through the parking lots collecting the full green recycling bags and take them to the nearest recycling dumpster.

The extra work collecting recycling seems to be paying off.

An average of 1,000 NCC tailgaters have taken part in the recycling program each Saturday since football season began. In all, 20 percent of everything recycled on campus after game days has come from the NCC.

"Our members have really stepped up to ‘Go Green for Big Red,'" said Carrie Myers, director of venues for the NAA.  "It's really exciting to be part of this program to keep our campus clean, and help move the university forward."