Charter Date
 February 2011

The mission of the University of Nebraska Alumni Association ROTC and Military Affiliate is to bring together members of the alumni community who are joined in the common bond of the ROTC experience and the calling of military service for the purposes of promoting and strengthening the University, her institutions and the Cadets and Midshipmen of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Regional or Local Chapters
Individual Regional or Local ROTC and Military Affiliate Chapters may be formed within the Affiliate upon approval of the Affiliate Board of Directors. Individual chapters will be responsible for selection of their officers and the President of each individual chapter will hold a voting position on the Affiliate Board of Directors. Eligibility for membership in all individual chapters will at a minimum adhere to the basic requirements set forth for Affiliate Membership. However, individual chapters will be allowed to develop further membership requirements contingent on approval from the Affiliate Board of Directors. All members of individual chapters are required to hold membership in the NAA and the ROTC and Military Affiliate.

Social Media
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Group Leader
Mark Dreiling